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 Formula for a single.

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DJ Maimai

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Formula for a single. Empty
PostSubject: Formula for a single.   Formula for a single. EmptySat May 17, 2008 3:53 pm

This is how the singles will be layed out.

1 track will be an AKB48 song, there will be very few solo's and everyone in Kakkoii Princess will participate. Most of the singing will be done in your group and in groups of three and four people from diffrent groups, for example two people from Kakkoii Musume and two people from FRUITZ.

Two tracks will be done by each group, a single and a B-side from the H!P equivalent of your group. The K!P single might be a B-side or an Album track but it and the single MUST be by the group your group is portaying.

Hopefully an instrumental track for ALL of the songs will be included in the single but if not atleast the group singles will have an instrumental.

So you see a K!P single is basically a release by the whole group with a single from each of the groups included.
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Formula for a single. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Formula for a single.   Formula for a single. EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:49 am

It should also be noted that until we have lots of members, there will be more solos for more people. But until more people join, we can't release any singles at all.

Also, Chikaki is the coolest member. In case you should forget.

Formula for a single. SiggyforAlana1

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Formula for a single.
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