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 Chikaki in teh HOUSE!

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PostSubject: Chikaki in teh HOUSE!   Thu May 15, 2008 12:08 pm

* Name: Alana
* Birthdate: 09/28/92
* Nicknames: Chika, Chiik, Mii, Fly
* Blood Type: No idea!
* Birthplace: St. Johns, Newfoundland
* Kakoii Princess Groups:
o Kakkoii Musume
o Ka~waii
* Shuffle Units:
* Other:

Kakkoii Princess Details

* Hobby: Reading, drawing, writing, singing, Sims, and the internet.
* Special skill: Writing
* Strong point: Gets P'Oed fast.
* Weak point: Gets P'Oed fast.
* Habit: Saying 'DUDE!' a lot, twirling a lock of hair on fingers
* Favorite color: Purple and turquoise
* Favorite flower: Birds of Paradise
* Disliked thing/thing to do: FEET. Cleaning, disorganization, studying.
* Scared of: FEET.
* Favorite movie: Don't have one.
* Favorite book: All books.
* Favorite word: At the moment, Dude and Plumbob (Sim thing, peeps). It's such a pretty word.
* Favorite season: Summer-no school.
* Favorite food: Beef Stroughanouf
* Least favorite food: Baloney, vegetables, fruit.
* Favorite song: OH MY JULIET, LM.C, anything An Cafe or LM.C. Or Gackt. Or Malice Mizer.
* Charm point: Eyes


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Chikaki in teh HOUSE!
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