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 Info on doing a soloist song

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PostSubject: Info on doing a soloist song   Info on doing a soloist song EmptyFri Jul 18, 2008 6:35 am

There will be solo songs (Think Aya Matsuura, for example.) for members who ask. Of course, there are strict requirements, all of which have to be met before we can say yes.

1.) Our mixer must be willing to do it.
2.) We must know the song you will be doing.
3.) You must have been a dedicated member for at least three months.
4.) Have always had your tracks in on time in those three months. You can have one freebie, where it can be late-up to a point. A week late for laziness is no excuse. A week late because your dog died/you lost internet IS a good excuse. Just don't have to many. After all, things happen in real life.
5.) You must have made a minimum of fifty posts. Not spam, either.

A form will be posted later. If you meet the conditions (Save for the first, we'll check on that ourselves), then simply PM myself or DJ with the form. Keep in mind, though, we can't have a load of solos per release. So we will try to choose and be fair. If we feel that we have to decline your form, we will always give a reason.

...But it never hurts to ask. :3

Info on doing a soloist song SiggyforAlana1

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Info on doing a soloist song
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